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Andrej Barov - Digital experiments in visual perception

KODAK introduces Andrej Barov. The photographer's pictures give progressive impulses to the modern phenomena of visual perception. He makes visible the omnipresent technical process of digitalisation. In his Pictures, complex correlations are reduced to signal impulses. The photographs, generated by an analysis programme, produce intense associations. From the point view of perceptual psychology it is a question of how all senses are touched by a visual impression and the amount of information that is conveyed despite the divergence from conventional images.

Andrej Barvo is particularly interested in well known brands and their visual expression. In the "Colors of Fragrance" series, the artist aimed to arouse the sense of smell by producing - with computer technology- a visualised colour analysis ofvery specific smells. lt is an experiment that viewers have to try out for themselves. The "Durchlöscher" series is equally interesting. Using a selection process that he developed, Barov turns well known drinks labels into vertical sections where each colour and light segment is broken down, making it possible for him to create bottle patterns which are highly recognisable.
His newest series is called "Correlation". It deals mainly with natural phenomena. As digital interpretations using the "axial image requirement principle", he produces poetical and lyrical Mediterranean landscapes. Barov: "In contrast to analogue photography, digital has achieved new dimensions thanks to the access to individual image elements, and that is the basic approach of my work. I examine the psychological and physiological perception phenomena of the digital world.
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